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1915751_107596762614145_2368244_nOne of my first posts in April 2010


To my Special Living family on Facebook, I want to thank you for your support and willingness to let me shove cleaning ideas, organizing ideas, prattle on about which plants clean the air and why you need one hundred white plates in your cabinet, over the last seven years. As you may have noticed, around 2013, my all things domestic, passionate posting slowed to a screeching halt. For those of you that know me personally, you already know that my son became very ill at the beginning of 2013 and did not fully recover until late 2014, early 2015. He is now fully recovered and as healthy as any red-blooded, American, almost eighteen-year old. I also went through a three-year separation followed by a divorce, a home on the market, a home sold, packing that home, finding a new home with my son, all in the span of three months. Along with these monumental life changes, the norm of a college graduation, a bar-mitzvah, moving my daughter across the country, a high school graduation, a college application process, a couple of mangled limb surgeries, my middle love, the accident prone spawn and several college move-ins. Although I am extremely fortunate to have the good health of myself and my children and a very good life, it was an intense, several years.

For almost a year I’ve felt stuck like I was wearing concrete boots, unable to move even the slightest bit forward, but, a beautiful shift has taken place, and I am now moving on to a new endeavor, personally and professionally for which I’m very excited. I’ll continue to post some thoughts here and announce my future endeavors on the Special Living LA Facebook page and with hope, get you to walk with me into the next phase of my life.



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